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Sort My Debt - Let the experts help you

They understand that facing debts like credit card balances and loans is very overwhelming and feel that there is little hope when you are unable to repay them all.

All those annoying collection calls and threatening letters don’t help at all when you feel like you’re drowning. When you face these sorts of situations you feel that there is no way out, they get this. Contact one of their consultants today, there are no fees and you are not under obligation.

Get free from debt today!

Some people may have heard about bankruptcy, but are too ashamed to explore that option because it seems like admitting defeat. Maybe you have started exploring alternative debt solutions like a debt consolidation loan, but then again there’s so much information out there, and how could you know which one is right for you? Just trying to wrap your head around that is more than enough stress as being in debt itself.

They can help you with your debt problems

You are able to get out of debt and start afresh and the good news is, they can help with advice, counselling and debt consolidation solutions.

They realise it’s difficult to admit that you need help, they also realise that just getting to know all the debt options available to you is just as hard. At Sort My Debt they are able to assist you in choosing the right debt solution, one that is right for you, one that will suit your affordability and needs.

Make the choice to become debt free

Their experienced consultants will assist you, answer all your questions with ease and offer the best solution according to your situation – so you will know that you are making the right choice and free yourself from debt. They will do all the paperwork for you to liaise with your creditors and you won’t need to worry about all the Nitti Gritty. So make that choice today, they want you to feel at ease.

Sort My Debt – Consolidation loan

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Benefits of Sort My Debt

  • Simple online applications
  • Get out of debt
  • Free debt assessments

Sort My Debt - its not too late to become debt free

Just imagine the relief once you’ve taken the first step toward being debt free, that fresh start and the peace of mind that you will feel, not to mention the confidence you’ll feel at the start of taking back your life and being in control of your money.

Tell them about your debts

What kind of debt are you in and how much do you owe, talk to them so that they can assist you in choosing a debt solution that is best suited to your requirements.

Sort My Debt will guide you through the process and they will inform you of the options you have the advantages as well as the disadvantages, review debt consolidation and recommend which option is best. They will explore your options and come up with a solution as to which option is best for you.

  • Credit cards - They can assist you by freezing or eliminating your credit cards.
  • Personal loans - They can assist in lowering your monthly payments and reducing your interest.
  • Utilities - They can assist by keeping the power on your phones connected even when you are falling behind in payment.
  • Mortgage - Are you worried about losing your home? Perhaps there is a way to reduce your payments without you needing to sell your home.
  • Past due payments - They can assist in making your payments affordable again by reducing your penalties and lowering your interest rates.
  • Tax debt - Are you still indebted to the Australian Tax Office? Let Sort My Debt help you to pay them back.

Informal arrangements

Bankruptcy and formal debt agreements do offer quite a few benefits, but on the other hand, they do have their disadvantages such as public records which affect your credit rating or job opportunity if you are thinking about some job hunting.

At times your financial difficulties are only short-term, so limiting your income or jeopardising the loss of your assets is not such a good idea. If you are able to re-negotiate your repayment schedule and have your interest frozen for a short time, you should be in a position to get things back on track financially.

In situations like this, Informal Arrangement is a debt relief option that will offer you many of the benefits of a Formal Arrangement without the public records or financial restrictions

In cases like these, Informal Arrangements are a debt relief option that offers many of the benefits of formal options without the same public records or financial restrictions.

Formal debt agreements

A bankruptcy alternative is a Formal Debt Agreement that allows you to settle your debts by making a flexible and affordable payment over an agreed period of time.

Similar to Bankruptcy, Formal Debt Agreements are not long or short-term loans, but merely an arrangement made between you and your creditors so that you can comfortably pay off your debts, and just as in Bankruptcy it can assist you in being debt free without needing to pay back the entire amount owed.

Should you qualify for a Formal Debt Agreement, it offers a much more flexible alternative that won’t remain on your credit report forever plus you won’t need to sell your assets.

Filing for bankruptcy

When the collection calls are coming in because your bills are piling up and you feel there is no way out because you are unable to keep up with payments while you are still trying to cover your daily living expenses, filing for Bankruptcy could off you a fresh start.

The minute you file for bankruptcy, you give up all control of your finances and assets for a certain period of time. This is a legal process that can be declared once you are insolvent, and this means you are no longer able to pay your debts when they are due.

Bankruptcy protects you from legal action from your creditors because you have new arrangements in place that gives you the affordability to settle your debts.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

November 2018

All I can say is that they are called Sort My Debt for a reason. Because of them, I have a better hold over my finances and I’m managing my debts so much better.

Owen G
— Canberra —

January 2019

My credit score has improved and it’s all thanks to you guys for providing me with a tailor-made loan that made it easier to pay off my debts.

Jasper W
— Sydney —

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