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Regain control of your finances and get out of debt for good with expert debt counselling services.

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If you're over indebted, debt counselling may be the answer you've been looking for

Let a debt counselor help you negotiate improved rates and fees or more affordable repayments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Practical debt counselling services

Money problems, don’t we all have them? For the vast majority of Australians, this is a hard fact.

That is why being in control of them is so important. Often, one can’t pinpoint the exact moment that the budget started experiencing strain to the point that each month there was more month left over than money. All they know is that it has been worsening month on month and no matter what steps are taken, they just cannot seem to get out of the debt trap that they’ve landed in.

If this sounds like you, if you feel as though you are way in over your head with debt, then it’s definitely a good time to speak to a professional.

Regaining control of your finances is a difficult thing to do without a coach. Debt counselling is the most ideal solution in this case and has helped thousands upon thousands of Australians achieve financial freedom when they never expected they could.

Before it’s too late consider debt counselling because it won’t be long and you’ll be approaching the bank for a debt consolidation loan.

Debt counselling sees top results for over-indebted Aussies

Family and friends are certainly good first point of reference for advice on how to resolve your strangled budget, but debt counselling ensures that you regain full financial freedom. There are experts in this industry and they have expert counsellors. All these resources will ensure that you have professional advice throughout the process, advice that you can trust in since they are registered debt counsellors.

Accruing a poor financial status doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, debt counsellors have a role to play in the path to your financial success. They need to offer you sound advice as well as negotiate improved repayment terms with all of your micro-lenders. They also have an obligation to draw up a new budget that leaves some disposable income over each month so that you don’t struggle any further with any unexpected expenses.

One of the primary functions is to help you identify the reason that you landed up over-indebted in the first place. Where and how did you accrue all this debt? By solving this little piece of the puzzle, your future in managing your finances will look a whole heap better by eliminating that solitary (or more) factor from your daily and monthly life.

Debt counselling benefits

Debt counsellors are trustworthy resources. They also assist in drawing up new tailor-made budgets to meet your needs. They assist by strategizing and negotiating improved payment structures with creditors due to their position in the financial industry and also identify your unnecessary costs so that you can avoid them in the future.

Paying your debt on time is crucial. If you have been defaulting on your personal loan or credit card payments, forget about it, it’s in the past since you will no longer be doing this. Another thing safely in the rearview mirror is your debt in general. After you’ve gone through some debt counselling, you’ll be perfectly lined up to meet all your financial commitments like credit card payments, mortgage payments and so on, stick to your budget and actually even save money along the way and well into your future.

Meeting the needs of your lifestyle is important. There would be no benefit if all the cut costs were essential to your well-being and/or happiness. All that would happen in this case is that you would quickly fall straight back into old habits where you lived beyond your means and even opt to take out short-term debt like payday loans. Solving problems through debt counselling means solving them for good! Which ultimately means tailoring a sound solution to fit into your life as an individual in Australia.

When opting for Debt counselling, what steps does one take?

First and foremost is to choose a counsellor. This is an important step in the process because you will be dealing with this person for some time, so, choosing one that understands your needs and that you feel comfortable with to share all your problems with is vital.

There are plenty available and not only in-store but online. You can search for someone in your area or simply be a review or referral! Once you have chosen who you think is best to help you through your over-indebtedness, it’s time to set up that first consultation. Which is free by the way!

They’ll hear you out, make a lot of notes and essentially gather all the information that they require in order to come to you with a solid proposal on how to rid you of all your unwanted debt.

This in-depth analysis involves a full analysis of your funds, your expenses, income, and your financial situation overall. This includes listing all of your debts, particularly the same short-term loans and other loans with high-interest rates. The financial paperwork provided will help the counsellor determine how dire the situation is and what plan of action to take to eradicate the debt and then further avoid it later on.

How do I know I’ve made the right choice with my Debt counsellor?

They should be registered debt counsellors as a start. Once you have established that you can then go on to read up their policies and procedures. If there’s something you’re looking for in a counsellor, make sure to ask! If it’s important to you and they don’t offer that particular service, then you know you need to keep shopping.

Another pretty secure way of knowing that you have a trusted counsellor on your hands as if they came as a referral.

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