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Credit Counselors Australia - Let the experts help you

Debt is common in every household. However, when you feel overwhelmed and feel like you can’t carry on with your normal daily duties, you have to ask for help and consider debt counselling. Credit Counselors Australia has been helping clients struggling with debt for a number of years.

A team of experts

Their financial specialists are always working tirelessly to ensure that your debts don’t look as bad as they were before. Whatever situation you might have gone through that landed you in such bad debt, their job is to fix your finances so that your future can look slightly brighter.

Get a free debt valuation

The debt assessment is done so that clients can see in more accurate detail where they are as far as their debt is concerned. It is done at no charge. The clients always feel that it is useful to do this assessment because it assesses your credit card debt and other personal loans and puts things into perspective.

Professional endorsement in debt management

The fact that they are a registered Australian company goes a long way when they take on your case. Nobody wants to work with people that are not registered especially in this day and age. Credibility and reputation surpass everything else in the financial management industry.

Don't suffer from harassment from creditors

The position that you are normally in when you are in debt is one that you could have avoided if you had better mentorship.

Their expert advice is when they deal with each client according to their financial status. The manner of debt that customers have will differ from individual to individual and as such, will require a different kind of approach depending on whether they have a lot of short-term debt like payday and emergency loans or long-term debt like home loans and car loans.

Giving their clients budget advice

After they have dealt with debt advice, they will now have to teach their clients how to manage their money well. The last thing you need is to go back to the same financial position you trying to get out of. Credit Counselors Australia will teach you all there is to know about being money-wise through professional debt counselling.

Lowering your repayments through credit negotiations

They also, seek to ensure that the client pays as little as possible in terms of their monthly personal or short-term loans. If they are able to negotiate a better loan deal for you, your duty as a customer is to ensure that you pay your reduced rate without any difficulty.

The best way you can thank them as your credit counsellors is by ensuring that you fulfilling your financial obligations.

Credit Counselors Australia – Debt counsellor

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Benefits of Credit Counselors Australia

  • Financial freedom in 3 steps
  • Free debt assessment
  • We negotiate with your creditors

Credit Counselors Australia - You can become debt free

They don’t mind reverting to legal action on your behalf. They want to help you in the best way they can and if they have to take legal matters then they will do so for the client’s best financial interest.

Please stop the constant calls

As annoying as it might sound, the people that call you so frequently simply want their debts to be paid. However, these calls may become a bore for you when you are under a lot of stress and you actually don’t have the money that they want. As such, they have consultants available to make the phone calls go away. The agents will negotiate a credit card or personal loan payment plan on your behalf that will life slightly easier for you.

Customer reviews and testimonials

They have a number of customers who have only positive things to say about their debt counselling services. Some clients have turned their financial lives around with their help and they couldn’t be happier. When they get positive reviews from clients, it makes everything that they do worth it.

How much debt can they help with?

Credit Counselors Australia can help clients who are having difficulty paying a debt that is worth $5000 or more.

Blog and financial articles

They have a variety of financial management articles that will help clients who want to get out of debt. If you are interested in a good financial read, you can access their website

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

For both my husband and I, before debt counselling, our life was a nightmare with bills piling up that we couldn't afford to pay, all because we didn't know how to manage our finances correctly a...

Mia C
— Newcastle —

December 2018

Absolutely fantastic service! Quick, easy and free assessment with hands-on staff to help you along the way. Could not have asked for better.

Noah S
— Cairns —

January 2019

At first, I was really intimidated when I was told all of my monthly repayments to creditors would be combined into one. I was scared I wouldn't be able to afford it - but I was wrong. Credit Cou...

Estelle J
— Townsville —

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