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Debt Relief Australia

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Debt Relief Australia - Get out of debt

Debt Relief Australia has been helping a number of clients with their debt woes.

Although they can’t help everyone, they are happy that they have helped over and above 100 000 clients who have come looking for better ways to handle their debt - be it through debt counselling or debt management plans.

No compulsion debt inquiry form

This is normally the first step they take in helping customers with their debt. The form helps clients get a summarised analysis of their debt situation and how to handle their finances. After you have filled in the form, one of their consultants will contact you within one or two business days.

The client will be asked a small number of queries

After both parties have agreed on an option, a debt specialist will help during the entire process of getting a better deal as far as lowering your debts is concerned.

Furthermore, the agent will tell you the reductions in terms of your personal loans and how much you will be due to pay on a monthly basis going forward. For obvious reasons, the amount will be slightly lower than the rate you were paying before.

They assist you in relieving your debt

If you want them to assist you with relieving your debt, fill in the form or contact them on 1300 660 843 and they will be ready to assist you with all your debt queries.

As daunting as debt might be, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare when you have the right people to help you through using specialist debt counselling services. The reason they ask their customers questions is so that they can determine which debt relief option is preferable for their current financial situation.

What are the warning signs that you have too much debt?

  • You have been using your credit card for purchases such as gas and other necessities around the house.
  • Your card has exceeded the limits
  • You only can afford to pay the minimum balance on your credit card
  • The only way you can survive another month is if you ask for more credit or apply for a bad credit loan
  • You are not certain about the amount you are indebted to your creditors
  • The number of credit you have overwhelms you as you feel it is too much
  • Filing for bankruptcy has crossed your mind

Debt Relief Australia – Debt counsellor

  • Loan Type Financial counselling

Benefits of Debt Relief Australia

  • Expert debt counselling
  • Lower interest rates
  • Simple repayment plans

Debt Relief Australia - Helping you take care of your debt

If you want them to assist you with your relieving your debt, fill in the form or contact them on 1300 660 843 and they will be ready to assist you with all your debt queries. As daunting as debt might be, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare when you have the right people to help you through the way.

How long does it take for them to contact you?

Debt Relief Australia takes a maximum of 48 hours to contact clients after they have submitted the debt counselling form to them. It could take even less, it all depends on the number of clients they dealing with at that present moment.

Debt Relief Australia can assist you with the following:

  • Lower your scheduled outflows
  • Manage your dues efficiently
  • Make important investments in interest
  • Plan for a debit-unrestricted future
  • Convert with creditors to decrease your dues
  • Combine arrears into one scheduled payment
  • Get rid of the debt weight
  • Find replacements and evade insolvency

Will they still help you if you are late on your payments?

The main reason why they do this kind of process is to teach clients how to ensure they are always on time with regard to paying their debts.

Debt consolidation is a great idea

Clients need to understand that they don’t have to wait until they are in financial trouble before they can start combining their debts. They can start as soon as they have more than three debts they have to pay on a monthly basis. Although they can afford to pay the debts now, they can always consider the option of consolidating loans for greater returns on their advances.

Blogs and financial management blogs

The articles and financial advice that they have on their website can go a long way for someone who is serious about changing their financial status. They teach customers how to save and how to only purchase the things that they need so they don’t cause unnecessary debt on their credit profiles.

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Debt Relief Australia is a trusted & reliable provider of financial counselling

In our review, Debt Relief Australia adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

✅ Debt Relief Australia is a registered credit provider in Australia: ACL 393280

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

December 2018

Possibly my favourite part of my experience with this organisation is that I no longer feared it was creditors looking for money every time my phone rang. I dealt strictly with Debt Relief Austra...

Scott C
— Sydney —

November 2018

Really accommodating organisation, the agent that assisted me was incredibly patient and made sure to give me the peace of mind I needed.

Olivia J
— Perth —

October 2018

When I started this journey it was very difficult for me, but it was made easier and more pleasant by the wonderful staff members at Debt Relief Australia. I am now debt free and able to move for...

William J
— Adelaide —

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