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Debt Free Australia - Tailor-made debt solutions

Is your debt heaping up? For over 10 years Debt Free Australia has been assisting hundreds of Australians to become debt free.

Various companies operating on the internet normally offer one or two debt solutions, but Debt Free Australia, they have several options including debt consolidation as well as professional debt advice. They will go through each option with you in order to find the solution that suits you best.

Life after debt

If you are under pressure with outstanding debt and living beyond your means with unmanageable debt and you need debt advice, their team of Personal Advisors who are experts in their fields and are able to assist you in becoming debt free so that you can have a debt-free life.

Thousands of Australians are still facing the consequences of the effects of the global financial crises and the economic conditions and are still trying to recover, so the reality is that personal circumstances may affect your financial situation.

A professional debt service

Debt Free Australia offers a debt assessment service and this will confirm whether you need a professional debt service.

They will evaluate your financial situation and recommend the best option to secure a brighter future. They have a selection of debt solutions that will be of assistance in helping you achieve life after debt. They will be more than willing to go over each debt solution in order for you to feel more confident.

Find out about debt consolidation

Just in case you didn’t know that if you have a strong credit history you are able to consolidate or roll all your debts into a debt consolidation loan. Individuals typically pursue debt consolidation loans for many reasons. 

To secure a lower interest rate – Interest rates are usually higher on credit cards than that on a consolidated loan and to reduce the number of payments each month in order to manage for example if you have 4 credit cards you can possibly combine them in one loan.

Debt Free Australia – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation loans

Benefits of Debt Free Australia

  • Get financial freedom
  • Simple debt consolidation loans
  • Apply online fast and easy

Debt Free Australia - Contact them to find out how they can help you

In a number of cases, you may perhaps be able to secure a personal loan on an unsecured basis but there are lenders that may want security perhaps a car or any worthwhile asset to back the loan.

So in other words, if you stop paying the loan the lender will repossess and sell the asset to recover their debt.

Debt Consolidated loan –personal loan

At times a debt consolidation is not always promoted as a debt consolidation loan. You are also able to consolidate your debt by applying for a personal loan. You could also refinance your house mortgage if there is sufficient equity in it.

Debt consolidation - What are the pros and cons?

The advantage of only having one loan to manage will bring worry and hopefully, the rate of interest will also be less but you should compare the rates of interest of your current debts and see how they compare.

Debt assessment

If you think you need a professional debt solution? Their devoted team is committed to helping you get your life and finances back on track so that you can enjoy a life free of debt. Having uncontrollable debt can cause burdensome stress and inflicts strict limitations on your lifestyle. Give them a call to assist you to achieve your goal. Life doesn’t have to be that miserable!

Why choose Debt Free Australia

They are a member of Chartered Accountants and ARITA, they have the experience and they are trusted and licensed.

Debt Free Australia has a sound track record in assisting individuals to become free of debt, it is important to choose the right company when you are seeking help. They have been in operation since 2006 and they are an Australian-based company. They have assisted many Australians to get out of debt. Their CEO is a fully qualified Charted Accountant as well as a Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy, so can be at peace knowing that you will get the best insolvency services from a licensed and registered insolvency practitioner.

Personal insolvency agreement

They offer their assistance to all Australians in solving their debt problems by avoiding bankruptcy and by offering a legally binding Personal Insolvency Agreement, so with that philosophy in mind, their offer is a no-charge financial assessment. The financial assessment will explore if you are eligible for any alternatives to bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy alternatives

Should you be eligible for another possibility or another solution and want to file for bankruptcy, then they take on the task of educating you about bankruptcy.

Each case of bankruptcy has its own set of unique issues because Bankruptcy laws are very complex. They understand that finding the debt solution that works for you can be very time-consuming not to mention frustrating.

The first thing you need to do is find a reliable company that will provide objective advice and debt counselling is one such option. There are many companies that only specialise in one product so it’s only natural that they will try and sell you their product whether it’s right for you or not. As there are several debt solutions in the market you would need to take the time and invest in the solution that is right for your needs. Despite the fact that they share lots of similarities, each product does have a unique difference, in other words, what works for one may not work for all.

These are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • The affordability
  • How long will it take?
  • Will it affect your employment?
  • Will it affect your credit rating?
  • Will it stop your creditors from taking legal action to enforce their debt
  • Will it protect your assets, and will it restrict your freedom to travel

Consider the pros and cons carefully

They have highly qualified consultants who can give you the assistance you need to carefully think through all of your options to reduce debt whether it is in the form of credit cards or short-term loans. They’ll start by asking you about your earnings, what you spend your cash on each month, what assets you own and, of course, about your debts. Every person has their own situation that is different, so in order for Debt Free Australia to find the right debt solution for you without this information they will not be able to assist you.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

January 2019

You can count on Debt Free Australia. I did and I’m no longer struggling to keep up with my debts. Their consolidation loan has made it easy for me to handle my finances and the best part is I’m ...

Hugh B
— Melbourne —

January 2019

Talking to the customer consultant felt like I was talking to someone I’ve known for ages. He was friendly and explained everything in great detail. I felt very comfortable asking him all the que...

William E
— Sydney —

February 2019

I’m happy I chose Debt Free Australia to help me with my debts because their experience and knowledge proved to be very valuable.

Rose H
— Gold Coast —

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