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Debt Mediators - Let us help you become debt free

Debt Mediators was founded over a decade ago. With our initial business operating out of a house, we recognised a big gap in the financial market.

It was the need to assist Australians throughout the country in getting themselves back on their feet and out of financial trouble with debt consolidation and other services. With the cost of living ever increasing, the need for this service became clearer to us and we knew it would provide value.

Many Australians trust us to get them debt free

Through our hard work and determination to have a debt-free Australia, we’ve become known for being the biggest debt agreement administrators within the country.

We’ve been able to help over 11 000 consumers clear their debt. With thousands of satisfied clients on an annual basis, there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider it.

This is why our clients choose us:

  • We can get you debt-free within five years
  • We have the ability to freeze interest and fees
  • Debt collectors will no longer make contact with you
  • Combine your debt into one payment with an affordable personal loan
  • Enjoy flexibility in your repayment plan

We’ll never be dishonest with you when it comes to your financial situation. This results in us taking a candid approach to advising our clients when they need debt counselling.

It might not be what you want to hear, but it has proven to be beneficial and has helped our clients in realising the situation they’re in. Of course, we keep everything between our staff and clients confidential, so you don’t need to worry about people finding out about your financial situation.

Debt Mediators - Let us help you with your debt problems

All our staff are permanent residents and have a full understanding as to what you are going through. If you’re ready to get yourself out of debt, then you should contact our team.

The process of debt consolidation and becoming debt-free has never been easier. With only having to go through three steps, you’ll be on your way to financial freedom in no time.

#1 Request your free telephone consultation, debt analysis and forecast savings plan

Give our talented team who has a wide knowledge base of experience within the financial sector. They’re equipped to discuss any financial query you might have. As we are passionate about helping you get back on your feet, one of the consultants will go through your finances with you telephonically and do an over the phone analysis to commence guiding you on to the right path.

#2 The discovery process

This set is a crucial step in the process. As we don’t want to just solve your financial problems temporarily, we rather want to solve it permanently.

We’ll need you to work with us to gain a holistic understanding of your financial situation. You’ll be required to collect documentation surrounding your debt and issue this to us for review.

By issuing us all the proof of your debt, we’re able to put together the most practical and affordable repayment plan. We also make use of this documentation to prepare an legal documentation required by service providers.

#3 Letting your creditors know about your new financial arrangements

Once we’ve consulted with you, and completed the necessary documentation, we can reach out to your creditors to see if they’re willing to accept the new debt repayment plan. If successful, your long and short term loan agreements can be updated and your creditors should no longer be contacting you regarding your outstanding funds.

Debt Mediators – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation loans
  • Loan Amount up to $50,000

Benefits of Debt Mediators

  • Lower interest rates
  • Protection against creditors
  • Reduced monthly repayments

Debt Mediators - We have effective debt solutions

Our variety of services aren’t limited to just getting new financial arrangements in place for you.

We offer a host of other services as well, ranging from personal debt solutions, credit card debt solutions as well as bankruptcy solutions. Within the personal debt solutions, our service offering includes the following


If you’re feeling your budgets are becoming too much to handle on a daily basis, by reaching out to us, we can assist you in tailoring your budget to making it more manageable. 

Experiencing financial hardship

Have you recently experienced a life-changing event which has resulted in you losing your job? For some, this sets you back financially and even though you want to fix your financial situation it might not seem possible. By reaching out to us, we can assist you to find your feet.

Developing financial payment strategies

Our team of experts has the necessary skills required to assist you in putting together strategies to get yourself out of financial trouble without having to change too much of your finances. This can be a tactic you can make use of if you’re looking to pay off your debt quicker.

Credit card debt solutions

The reality of a large majority of Australians having some sort of credit card debt has become a reality. Although the amount of people who have credit cards and payday loans has decreased, the existing pool of people has managed to rack up over $40 billion worth of debt on credit cards.

This is an alarming figure as consumers will take forever to pay off those cards. With having the option of paying only the minimum monthly amount, you could take much longer than actually necessary to pay off your debt. By working with a professional company like Debt Mediators, we’re able to put together a payment plan to pay your credit card off faster.

We also have the ability to assist you in making this a permanent solution. By understanding the consequences which arise from creating debt, it should deter consumers from creating further debt for themselves. Ways in which we can assist you is through financial counselling. Through the counselling, you’ll soon realise you’re not alone when it comes to debt and it takes time to clear that debt.

Contact us today to get the help you need

Having financial issues is stressful for anyone and we fully understand that. Don’t delay the process of getting a debt consolidation loan any longer than what it needs to be. Contact us today to get the assistance you need to become financially stable.  After all, we all deserve to be financially stable.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

The whole team should be proud of itself. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced such exceptional customer service.

Claire W
— Perth —

March 2019

Debt Mediators helped me manage my debts and I’ve been recommending them ever since!

Shawn F
— Brisbane —

April 2019

They don’t hide anything from you. They are straightforward about everything which I think is extremely valuable in a company.

Elsie P
— Adelaide —

February 2019

My financial future looks so much brighter now that Debt Mediators has helped me consolidate my debts and get control over my finances again.

Muhammad B
— Cairns —

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