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Bank SA

  • Interest free cards
  • Earn bonus rewards
  • Low-interest up to 12.99%

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Bank SA - Affordable credit cards

Match their credit cards with features that include rewards and balance transfers as well as low-rate offers.

Their credit cards are intended to suit all sorts of different needs, with no yearly fees as well as low rate cards, their card reward option includes premium features.

Perhaps you may also enjoy introductory offers such as bonus points or maybe promotional 0 % interest for purchases or balance transfers although it would depend on when you apply for a credit card with BankSA.

Features and benefits

  • A low-interest rate – This option offers competitive variable interest rates on all your purchases as well as the option of premium extras.
  • Qantas points – You are able to earn Qantas points on eligible purchases, redeem them for upgrades or Qantas flights and perhaps some merchandise from Qantas stores.
  • A balance transfer - Transfer balances of up to three cards to your BankSA card, you can also take advantage of their promotional balance transfer rate. Please note that this is only for a set period. They are currently offering promotions on these cards.
  • No annual fee – This means that it’s a simple everyday card that offers no annual fee, it’s pretty straightforward and the 0 % offer is for as long as you have the card.
  • Limited edition cards – Make eligible purchases and redeem them for upgrades, flights, gift cards and merchandise and earn Qantas or Rewards points, this is for a limited time and it is exclusively for their Adelaide design.

Bank SA – They can help you minimise your fees

Bank SA share’s a selection of credit card on how you can make the most of your card’s capabilities and how to minimise your fees.

Your credit card can go a long way when you know how to use your credit card and can even be used for debt consolidation. By making regular payments you reduce the outstanding balance thus lowering interest being paid. You could also make more than the minimum repayment in order to reduce your outstanding balance sooner than the due date,  or paying your balance in full as per due date on your statement whenever the opportunity permits you to do so.

Interest-free period

It’s also a good idea to make your purchases on interest-free days. You can also avoid interest if you pay your credit card balance in full by taking advantage of the interest-free period. Bearing in mind that there are transactions like quick loans that don’t offer interest-free days. Late payments are costly so avoid those extra fees for being over your limit because of late payment.

Avoid missing your minimum repayment on due date on your credit card because exception fees are charged or when your account balance runs into arrears and exceeds your credit limit. Payments fees applied on credit cards for missed or late payments will cost you $15.

Try and keep tabs on your account so that you know when you are close to your limit. You do this by checking via SMS, Mobile Banking or Phone Banking, use SMS or Email alerts.

Bank SA – Credit card

  • Loan Type Credit cards
  • Interest Rate 12.99%

Benefits of Bank SA

  • Interest-free periods
  • Balance transfer
  • Get rewards on everyday spending

Bank SA – Credit cards can make your life easier

To avoid late payment try setting up an automatic payment plan you can do this on your credit card account, this will avoid late payment fees. 

This guarantees that at least the minimum monthly payment will be paid, using a direct debit from your selected account.  You have a choice of settling your account by choosing a fixed amount, the full amount each month or minimum payment amount each month.

Keep cash advances to a minimum

If at all possible, avoid using your credit card account to withdraw cash from an ATM so that you don’t have to pay advance fees and charges.

Plan for currency conversion fees

Please note that you should always be aware when currency conversion fees apply and ensure that they are factored into your travel budget. This will also apply to any purchases in a foreign currency when shopping online and on the other hand, Credit Cards to provide a convenient as well as a safe way of spending whilst travelling.

Select your card and credit limit carefully

Manage your credit card debt by repaying a little more than your normal monthly amount because it’s not always feasible to make minimum repayments.

You are able to reduce your credit limit by calling BankSA on 13 13 76 at any time, the new limit will be effective immediately. Be realistic with your credit limit. You may call the above number at any time should you feel that you are in a difficult situation and not able to make a repayment. Before you make a purchase first assess your situation and see if you are able to repay the balance with ease. Work out a budget for yourself and try to stick to it.

They offer a Budget Planner Calculator, which tracks your spending habits on a regular basis to make sure of your affordability. You can apply for a credit card or loan by filling in their online loan application

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Very low interest rates and affordable monthly fee. Very good option for someone looking to get their first credit card!

Lucas H
— Sydney —

I was able to apply for my credit card online from the comfort of my home. The application process was fast, efficient and very simple. I received my card within 2 working days. Highly recommend!

Catherine S
— Adelaide —

Exceptional value for money combined with amazing customer service. Thank you so much, Bank SA!

Dorothea L
— Darwin —

When I first applied for my credit card with Bank SA, I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and efficient the call center staff were and how easy it was for me to complete my application and...

Thomas L
— Gold Coast —

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