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University of the Sunshine Coast – Get the education you want

The University of the Sunshine Coast offers students the ability to complete their higher education studies while enjoying a relaxed holiday vibe type school environment and will assist in obtaining a study loan or grant.

Our teachers are highly skilled and the programs that we offer are recognized globally. We use the latest technology to ensure that our students are prepared for technological advances and are able to use the latest tools available in order for them to discover all they can.

Our vision

Our vision is to become and remain one of Australia’s leading educational facilities and provide students with the tools that they need to get ahead in life. Our aim is to help the community and create the future leaders of tomorrow. The university is growing every year when we opened our doors in 1996 we only have 500 students by 2020 we are expecting to enrol over 20,000 students.


Our University allows you the freedom of choice to select between over 100 undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Courses include business, IT and Tourism, creative industry such as design and communication, education, engineering, health and sports sciences as well as many others. Students can elect courses to make up their degree across a range of different disciplines. Our academic programs allow students to gain work experience as well as practical knowledge.


We have earned 5 stars for our exceptional educational experience our students have overall graduate satisfaction, generic skills, gender balance, indigenous participation and electronic support. Our teachers use a personal teaching approach and support students in becoming great leaders.

Holiday learning environment  

The University’s location will make you feel like you are on holiday. Beautiful beaches, stunning weather and a relaxed and friendly community make this an ideal location to study.

A wide range of financial solutions for student

We are the leading university when it comes to research and development some of our success include a collaboration for breeding tuna in captivity as well as sustainable development programs.

The University offers a number of different programs and courses. University fee is very expensive so to help students further their education we have a number of different financial solutions available.

Financial assistance available

We have a number of financial assistance options available these include student scheme loans. These student loans are available to eligible students for $500 to help them pay for their textbooks and other study related materials.


Scholarships are available for students that excel either academically or in the sporting field. High-performance student-athlete scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to students that are exceptional athletes. The scholarship is awarded via a very competitive process. There are grants available for research students in a variety of research scholarships.

HELP LOAN (Higher Education Loan Program)

The Government offers HELP (Higher Education Loan Program) to help students pay for the cost of their tuition. These programs include HECS-HELP, FEE-HLP and SA-HELP.


If you study at a Commonwealth supported place you may qualify for HECS- HELP this loan is to help students pay for their part of the student contribution.

The Australian Government wants students to concentrate on their studies and not to worry about repaying student loan they will pay for your studies and you will only need to pay back this amount through the Australian Taxation Office once you reach a certain salary bracket. Or you can opt to pay your student contribution early.

University of the Sunshine Coast – Student loan

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Benefits of University of the Sunshine Coast

  • Scholarships 
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Student loan calculator

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University of the Sunshine Coast – Helping you get the education you deserve

Only once you are earning a good salary and are able to make payments will you need to start paying back your student loan.


FEE- HELP allows a domestic student the opportunity to borrow a certain amount of money to help pay for their studies, this amount will be added to your accumulated HELP debt.


SA- HELP (Student services and Amenities Fee) (SSAF) are available to students that are currently enrolled in the university to help them to pay for their tuition.

VET student loans

VET student loans are offered to students who would like to study a certain course. These courses focus on a shortage in the industry.

The Australian Government encourages students to peruse these courses by providing VET student loans. In this way, the Government is ensuring that the shortage in the industry will be filled and the student is also more likely to find a job in the relevant field. 

This helps to create employment and better opportunities for the student in the future and helps build the economy. VET student loans can be used to pay for tuition and other education expenses.

To find out more about the courses that qualify for a VET student loan and the amount that you will qualify for by having a look at the list available on the website or complete the online loan application.


This loan is available for students that want to study overseas as part of their course. This personal loan can be used to pay for airfares, accommodation and other travel-related expenses.

To apply for an OS – HELP loan you will need:

  • To be part of an approved exchange program
  • You need to participate in an overseas professional placement (this could include clinical, industry or internship)
  • You need to participate in a fieldwork program
  • You need to be an Australian citizen

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

I found it incredibly helpful that I only needed to start making repayments once I started earning a real salary. Now I can easily reach my academics goals without the stress of repayments.

Valery E
— Gold Coast —

February 2019

Since I considered going to uni I wanted to join USC and I was very happy when I was able to get a student loan with them. Now I can experience the lifestyle I wanted and am able to afford it now...

Blake P
— Brisbane —

November 2018

It was a very easy application process with minimal paperwork required. Absolute time saver!

Caleb C
— Gold Coast —

January 2019

It's great that there are so many loan options available, everyone can find the right loan to suit their needs.

Allison B
— Canberra —

February 2019

Very easy online application with affordable rates and loads of different options! Really happy with the student loan service.

Juan C
— Canberra —

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