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University of Canberra - Cover your student costs

The University of Canberra has been ranked in the world's top 100 young universities due to its excellent reputation and providing the most informative courses.

Practical work-based projects give the students firsthand experience and prepare them for the real world. Their graduates are sought-after professionals that have a very high earning potential.

International opportunities

With ever-changing technology the world is getting smaller every day, to keep up with the times students are given the opportunity to study one of their semesters abroad or take an international field trip as part of their courses and there is a range of student loans available to finance this. 

Their vision

Their aim is to prepare students for the real world by arming them with the skills and experience they will need as well as knowledge and practical ability to succeed in the business world. They provide a safe learning environment that enables their students to share knowledge, learn and grow. 

Technologically advanced

Their University uses the latest technology to help students get ahead and bridge the gap between international studies and Aboriginal studies. Their courses are offered full or part-time, face-to-face or online. Some courses are self-paced so that the student has more flexibility when completing their studies.

The future in focus

Their key focus is on the future. They prepare learners to be future thinkers by showing them that if they can dream it they can do it, just because it hasn’t been imagined yet doesn’t mean that they can’t achieve it.

Their students are connected to the future by allowing students to work in the industry while completing their studies they get real-world experience which prepares them for the future. Their students are future flexible students who can travel while they study as part of their degree. Future ambitious they hand their students the keys to the future today so that they can become future leaders tomorrow.

With their loans you can pay for student expenses

They offer a large variety of course options including accounting and management courses, building and design courses, communication and media, creative cultural practice, education, government and policy, health and sport, law and justice, engineering or science courses.

Making education accessible to everyone

To help a student get the most out of life they believe that education should be available to everyone. Their University offers both Australian and International scholarships and financial assistance packages and welcomes those who have received a study loan from another institution.

There are many different ways to help finance your university studies. Are you good at sports and a great athlete? Have you done very well academically or held any prestigious awards? If yes, then you could qualify for a scholarship.


There are different scholarships available to help students pay for their living costs, textbooks and other educational expenses.

To find out if you qualify for one of their various scholarships, simply complete their online loan application form and they will let you know if you have been selected. 

Textbook bursary

The Textbook bursary is provided to help students pay for their textbooks to the value of $100. The voucher can be used at the Co-op Book Shop.

The voucher is given to students that are experiencing financial difficulty. There are only a certain amount of vouchers available each year. 

One application

To apply for any of the bursaries or grants the student will only need to complete one application they will then be considered for all the bursaries that are available.

University of Canberra – Student loan

  • Loan Type Student loans
  • Loan Amount up to $2,000

Benefits of University of Canberra

  • Quick and easy loan applications
  • Get a student loan up to $2,000
  • Cover all study-related expenses

Student loan calculator

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University of Canberra - Easy online application

Students that are currently enrolled in the university can go to the website and apply online. You can find the application form on the student forms tab.

Future students can use the same process to apply for admission to the university. Students will need to reapply after every semester for the bursary. The amount the student qualifies for will depend on their grades and other factors.

 The different loan schemes that are available to students include:

  • HECS – HELP: This loan option is available for eligible higher education students
  • FEE-HELP: This option is for students that pay the full amount of their fees with no other help
  • VET Student Loans: This option is for vocational students.
  • SA-HELP: This loan can be used to help pay for student services and their student amenities fee
  • OS-HELP: This loan assists students that are travelling overseas as part of their course requirements.

To apply for HECS- HELP you will need to:

  • Log onto My Financial with your SIMS login details that you have been provided
  • Click on the HELP forms and chose the correct one
  • The Commonwealth Support and HECS-HELP form will be generated. Complete the application form using all your relevant details
  • Some information will be generated automatically. You need to ensure that this information is correct
  • You will need to enter your Tax File Number as well as your student identification number

You can then submit your application form and they will get back to you with an outcome if you qualify for any of the available financial assistance packages. 

Contact them

To find out more about student loans and other assistance please contact them via their online contact form available on the website or give them a call at +612 6201 5111

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

March 2019

When I started looking at schools I was very pleased with what the University of Canberra had to offer, as someone who only needed mild assistance with textbooks and living costs their student lo...

Hunter B
— Canberra —

December 2018

The University of Canberra was the best choice for me, their student loan options and student support services really made all the difference in the world.

Cole W
— Geelong —

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