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James Cook University offers loans to students via the JCU bookshop to pay for textbooks and other study essentials. This loan can’t be used to buy laptops or pay for travel expenses and can only be used at the JCU bookstore.

To apply for the loan the student will need to demonstrate that they require financial assistance. The loan amount can be up to the value of $1,000 and must be used for study-related expenses. If the loan is for more than $500 then first-year students must have the loan signed off by a guarantor to secure the loan.  The student will need to provide proof of income including Centrelink benefits and show that they will be able to make repayments on the loan.

Repay your student loan

The student will be provided with a repayment schedule that they will need to follow. The fee for dishonouring a debt is $25 which will be added to your loan amount. If you default on payments on more than 5 occasions then your loan may be passed on for debt collection and you may be charged penalty fees.

If you don’t make payment on your student loan the university may withhold your academic results until the loan is paid back. Students need to know their payment date and when their fees are due. The student will need to pay their SSA fees and their subject fees so that their enrollment doesn’t get cancelled.

You can qualify to defer your fees

Some students may qualify to defer their fees and payment of their subject services and amenities fees (SSA Fee) through a Higher Education Loan Program (HELP)

To defer your payments you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • The student must be an Australian citizen and study a relevant course
  • The student must hold a humanitarian visa and live in Australia

Steps to defer your payment

  1. The first step to deferring your payments is to get your TFN (Tax File Number) you will need this number in order to submit your HELP loan application. If you don’t know your TFN then you will need to visit the Australian Tax Office website for further information.
  2. The next step is to submit the relevant documentation for the study loan that you are applying for. You can apply via your eStudent login and choose between the HECS- HELP or FEE-HELP options.
  3. The last step in deferring your payment is to submit your SA-HELP form. All forms can be submitted via their eStudent

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Student loan calculator

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James Cook University - You can afford a higher education

FEE-HELP is a loan that is available to students that are eligible to help them pay for their tuition. The student must be enrolled in a higher education course.  This loan is available to postgraduate university students.

A FEE-Help loan will only require the student to start paying back the loan once their income reaches $55,874 or above.  If a student is studying a course that has a shortage of skilled workers and the student will work in the industry they can apply for a tax deduction.

You can use your FEE–HELP Loan to pay for your tuition fees upfront or use part of the FEE–HELP loan to pay for other expenses it is up to you and there are no restrictions on the loan.

How much may you borrow from FEE-HELP?

The student will be able to able to borrow funds up to a FEE-HELP limit this money can use to pay tuition or for any other expenses.

The FEE–HELP limit for students is $102,392 for most students. If the student is studying medicine, dentistry or veterinary science then the fee limit goes up to $127,992. Once the student reaches the limit no other student loans will be granted. 

Charges and fees

There is no interest charged on HELP debt. There is a 25% loan fee applied but this fee does not count towards your FEE-HELP limit. The loan fee is calculated at 25% of your tuition fee.

What is the census date?

The census date is the last date that you can submit your FEE-HELP loan application. This date can vary depending on the Government and provider. Each course unit will have its own census date. 

The administrative date is before the census date where the provider will require the student to complete certain requirements.   

Keep track of your loan

To help you keep track of your loan and your loan payments the university will send you a (CAN) Commonwealth Assistance Notice at least 28 days before the census date of each study period this notice will include information on the tuition fees, how many payments you have made, how many units you have studied. The CAN notice includes information on your FEE-HELP loan information and payments and information on payments that still need to be made.

If there are any errors on your can report you have 14 days to provide a written request to have the information rectified.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

One of the biggest costs when it comes to being at university is being able to purchase textbooks and other study materials, thankfully my JCU student loan helped me cover that!

Micah A
— Townsville —

February 2019

My loan repayment schedule was very easy to follow and quite affordable, never missed a payment.

Elma H
— Townsville —

February 2019

Really easy to apply for and repay, but if you feel you might miss a repayment, JCU is willing to work with you to defer a payment. Top notch service that is!

Bart F
— Townsville —

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