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Deakin - They support students financially

Deakin University is rated as one of Australia’s top universities giving students the best university experience by offering the best courses and helping them further their education so that they can have a great career in the future.

They offer a wide range of options including sports, clubs and activities and help their students access student loans and grants. Deakin has been ranked one of the best universities for the last six years because of its excellent teachers and work placement that gives students a head start in life. 

Student support services

At Deakin, they offer students support and advice for anything the student may need from helping the student find a job or answering health or mental health questions.

Their counsellors are there to assist their students in any way that they can.  If you are having trouble or need some support to study, you can join Study Support which is a study program that is a combination of online resources and learning materials.

Disability services

Their Disability Resource Center (DRC) is there to support students who have a disability or a health or mental health condition that affects them either physically or mentally so that they have support at university and are not disadvantaged in any way.


If you have a child but you need to attend classes and you do not have money to pay for childcare our campus offers a childcare service. One of the children cares will look after your child so that you can concentrate on your studies and not have to worry about your little one.


If you are having trouble adjusting to university or if you need any advice you can speak to one of their psychologists or one of their social workers the appointment is confidential and completely free.

Grants, emergency food and travel vouchers

Deakin University offers students financial assistance in a variety of different ways including offering grants, emergency food and travel vouchers as well as budget advice.

For those students that are having financial difficulties then they may be eligible for an interest-free student loan

Fee payment assistance

There are four different Higher Education Loan Programs (HELP) available for students to help them pay for their student services fees and their amenities fees (SSAF)


A HECS-HELP loan is available to students that are in a Commonwealth-supported place. The student can apply for the loan which will cover their contribution of the student fees. 

To qualify for a HECS –HELP Loan the student has to meet the following criteria:

  • The student must be an Australian citizen
  • The student must meet the residency requirements
  • Be studying the course in Australia
  • The student will need to supply their Tax file number and provide a certificate as proof from the Australian Taxation Office

What does the loan cover?

The loan can be used to cover the student’s contribution to their tuition fees. The loan can’t be used to pay for your student services and Amenities fee (SSAF) students will need to apply for an SA- HELP loan to cover those fees.

Deakin – Student loan

  • Loan Type Student loans

Benefits of Deakin

  • Tailored student loans
  • Scholarships

Student loan calculator

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Deakin – Financial assistance while you study

If you qualify for a HECS-HELP loan this is how the process works:

  • Pay all of your student contributions upfront at Deakin University
  • Or defer the payment of your student contribution through a HECS-HELP loan for either the full amount or just for your student fee contribution
  • Or pay some of your student fee contributions upfront and use the rest of the HECS-HELP and defer the balance

If you are using a HCS-HELP loan the Commonwealth will pay the loan amount directly to Deakin University on your behalf. Your debt will be put on hold at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) until you reach a certain salary threshold then you can start paying off the loan.


Each student will be sent a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (eCAN) that will provide details about the loan, including details on the courses attended and amounts that have been referred to the ATO.

To apply

To apply you need to enrol through Student Connect and complete the Commonwealth Assistance form (Ecaf) your form will be verified and then accepted. On this form, you need to choose if you would like to defer or payment or pay your fees upfront.

Defer to HECS- HELP

If you would like to defer your fees through a HECS-HELP loan your student contributions will be reported through the Department of Education and then to the ATO. The student will need to start paying back the study loan when their salary reaches the agreed-upon amount.

Pay upfront

If you decide that you would rather pay your fees upfront then the student will be sent an invoice to show them how much they need to pay. The student will need to supply their TFN number so that if the student can’t pay or they forget to make a payment then the amount will defer to the HECS-HELP program.


A FEE-HELP loan can be used to pay for the student tuition fees for students that are fee-paying and not from a Commonwealth-supported place. This loan can be used to cover the student's tuition fees.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

The university offers really nice repayment assistance and loan insurance that I recommend, you never know what can happen on a rainy day!

Mia H
— Geelong —

January 2019

I was over the moon to find out I was eligible for an interest-free student loan with Deakin, made my choice of school so much easier.

Kristoff H
— Geelong —

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