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  • Payday loans up to $2,000
  • Low-interest starting from 48%
  • Repayment up to 30 days

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iWant - Fast payday loans

Normally, when you want something in life, you have to work hard for it. If you don’t work or show consistency, you might not get what you are looking for.

On the other hand, when you push yourself and willing to be groomed, you are likely going to achieve your set goals.

Fast service

Located in Australia, iWant is a credit broker. Our key focus is working together with clients to give them personal loans when they need them. Our application process is fast and literally takes about 5 minutes. Depending on how fast you are, you will be finished with the application in no time and if you have applied during a certain time of the day, you might know the outcome of your loan on the same day.

Loans up to $2,000

On the other hand, if you are applying and your internet connection is not giving you any joy, your application is likely to take a bit longer than most applications. Therefore, it is important that you are operating a place that has a reliable internet connection so that you can fast track your application. Our payday loans range between $400 - $2000 and everything is processed online!

Payday loans up to $2,000

All clients will be required to fill in an online emergency loan application form. This is where they will stipulate all their details as far as the loan application is concerned.

After you have submitted your loan application form, you will then be contacted by an agent who will proceed further to ask you questions.

Apply today

As much as the questions may seem unnecessary and boring according to the clients, the questions are part of the protocol that has to be followed. The only way iWant can determine if you qualify for a payday loan or not is to ask you all these long and boring questions and combine them with the documentation presented.


Based on the application submitted, should your online loan application be successful, you will then sign an online contract that certifies to us that you accept all the terms and conditions and you agree to our policies and procedures. Seeing that everything will be done online, this fast-track your loan application process. Ultimately, technology has made things a lot easier and lives a lot convenient for both the client and the credit service provider.

iWant – Payday loan

  • Loan Type Payday loans
  • Interest Rate from 48%
  • Loan Amount up to $2,000
  • Repayment 7 days to 30 days

Benefits of iWant

  • Loan applications can be done in 5 minutes
  • Payday loans have fast approvals
  • Get competitive loan deals
  • Apply for a payday loan online

Payday loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this quick loans calculator is subject to our terms of use.

iWant - Get your payday loan through us, fast

After all, the nitty-gritty has been handled and everything has been taken care of, your money will be directed to your bank account.

Depending on the time you applied for your payday loan, the money may reflect on the same day or the next business day. Therefore, the time you applied for your loan matters if you want to use the money right away.

Suitability and affordability

Although iWant can offer clients' loans ranging from $400 - $2000, this doesn’t guarantee that a client will get the entire $2000. If a customer has been accessed and found that a loan that will be suitable and affordable for his credit rating is $800 and he applied for a loan of $1200, he will only get what he can afford.

The client will then have the option of taking the amount he qualifies for or aborting the short-term loan application process as a whole. The decision rests with the client and event accepts either decision.

However, it is important that we mention that the affordability rating is not based on any other biased indicators except those of affordability. We can’t be giving customers with tons of money and yet we know they have enough weight on their shoulders to take care of other debt.

Regardless of how understanding we are; we also have to be practical. Seeing that we want to be building a solid relationship with our clients, we will give our customers that we know they will be able to pay off.

We are running a credit advance business

Clients should not by any means feel that we are not putting their financial needs first. If anything, we are trying to secure their credibility when we only loan what they can afford. Although you might need a little financial boost from time to time, it is important to understand that a constant diet doesn’t give you a good credit rating regardless of you of paying it well.

Although we are a company that runs a quick loan business, we are constantly seeking clients that will ask for help from time to time. However, we are seeking customers that are able to handle their budget well and will not cry at the sign of difficulty. We have our clients best interest at heart and we are not a company that is primarily seeking to achieve financial gain at the cost of clients running their lives on debts.

Call us whenever you need a bit of help and we will be happy to assist.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Fast and easy service and they let me know about the process and once the money had been placed in my account.

James S
— Perth —

Super easy application for the loans and great response I recommend them to anyone.

January M
— Melbourne —

Happy to say that once I had applied for my loan my money was in my account the same day, Super Speedy service.

Debbie M
— Brisbane —

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