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Australian Mortgage Options (AMO)

  • Home loans up to $5,000,000
  • Low-interest starting from 1%
  • Repayment up to 30 years

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AMO – Quality home loan products

The Company Australian Mortgage Options was established in 1998 and ever since then, they have abetted thousands of Australians with the financing of their home and property investments.

The founder Robert Projeski worked in the banking industry prior to establishing AMO. He used his knowledge to enhance the borrower’s financial position through the reformation of home loan products.

Minimise tax and create wealth

Borrowers were then able to minimise tax and were able to pay off their mortgages earlier, creating wealth for themselves. Mr Projeski presented his findings to the executive board.

Even though they were impressed with his proposal and recommendations they declined to proceed because it would profit the borrower at the expense of the lender and if they settled their home loans sooner, the lender would earn less in interest.

This would not profit the bank, specifically in the short to medium term.

Effective home loans

Robert resigned from the bank and AMO was born with the mission statement "They'll show you what the others don’t want you to know". AMO is one of Australia’s most trusted and awarded companies when it comes to home as well as debt consolidation loans

Their values have driven the business to the pole position of the home loan market and this is the result of us receiving multiples awards from Your Mortgage Magazine, Money Magazine, Canstar, and Cannex. So, you can rest assured and enjoy what AMO has to offer.

Home loan solutions

They offer remarkable home loan solutions that will permit the borrower who meets the requirements to regularly switch between flexible or fixed interest rate loans which will perhaps allow them to pay the lowest rate.

This means that if your flexible rate home loan should increase above their standard rate you could simply choose to switch to the fixed rate and when it drops again you merely switch back to the lower flexible rate.

Australian Mortgage Options (AMO) – Home loan

  • Loan Type Home loans
  • Interest Rate 18.31% p/a
  • Loan Amount up to $5,000,000
  • Repayment 10 years to 30 years

Benefits of Australian Mortgage Options (AMO)

  • Convenient online loan calculators
  • Simply apply online
  • Fixed-rate home loans

AMO – The experts in home loans

Get some peace of mind with their Future Proof Home Loan, this option allows your mortgage repayments to protect you and your mortgage against any future interest rate rises.

AMO's Future Proof Home Loan secures your finances against interest rate fluctuations since the Reserve Bank of Australia is constantly reviewing and adjusting interest rates on a month-to-month basis. The Future Proof Home Loan offers up to 100 % of your loan and is always charged at the lower of the two rates, this loan is far superior to that of a traditional split loan.

Flexible rate loans

Consider an AMO Future Proof Home Loan in order to protect yourself from fluctuating interest rates. There’ll be no nasty surprises of restriction with a revolution home loan from AMO it offers 100 % on an offset account on either fixed or flexible-rate home loans. You are able to redirect all your salary and savings into your offset account, saving you thousands of dollars on interest payments. The majority of lenders will only offer an offset account with flexible-rate loans,

100 % offset account

The 100 % offset account not only decreases the interest on your mortgage but it also permits you to reduce the whole term as well as the period of your repayments, in other words, the amount of cash in your offset account is the percentage of your home loan that is not being charged interest. The AMO Revolution Home Loan will assist you to reduce the period of your loan and perhaps stop you from making unnecessary interest repayments.

Fixed-rate home loan

As they would say, apart from death and taxes, the only other indisputable fact is that life is inevitable, and interest rates are sure to rise. So, this is of little wonder that there are many people opting for a fixed-rate home loan.

You can benefit from an AMO Fixed rate home loan because the variable rate loan bids peace of mind knowing precisely what your repayment will be at the end of each month. AMO has won several awards from Canstar Cannex for the exceptional benefits of the AMO fixed-rate home equity loan. For example, “because not all home loans are the same”, you’ll find that no other major lender will offer you a 100 % offset facility on a Fixed Home Loan but AMO will.

Construction loans

They offer construction loans for the construction of new buildings and renovations.  The AMO Construction loan is the complete solution for any worthwhile project. This includes development work, additional home renovations as well as construction for new buildings. The construction loan allows you to carry out your work and gradually draw down on your loan.

It is compulsory to provide council-approved plans as well as a fixed-price tender from a qualified registered builder in order to qualify for a construction loan. It is also compulsory for the builder's insurance to be valid during the construction period of the property.

Prestige home loan

Their Prestige home loan offers you a 100 % offset account you can choose between a fixed or variable rate home loan where there is no hidden agenda or restrictions. Most lenders do not offer will only offer a variable-rate loan. Give AMO a call today at 1300 266 266 take back control of your finances today, speak to their mortgage brokers and if you prefer you can book an appointment. You can also make use of their online loan application to get started.

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Australian Mortgage Options (AMO) is a trusted & reliable provider of home loans

In our review, Australian Mortgage Options (AMO) adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

✅ Australian Mortgage Options (AMO) is a registered credit provider in Australia: ACL 234945

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Not only were we able to secure a good deal on our home loan, but we were also able to get affordable insurance on our loan.

Kelly Y
— Sydney —

AMO was able to cover 100% of my home loan. Very impressed!

Joshua K
— Sydney —

Quick and simple online application that went by fast. I had contact with a consultant the same day and within a week the papers were signed and I had a home.

Stephan H
— Melbourne —

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