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  • Simple debt solutions
  • Lower rates
  • Repayment up to 7 years

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RACV - A reliable partner

The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria currently has over 2.1 million members and exists not only for their benefit but for the community as well.

By focusing on improving the lives of Victorians, they’ve looked at how they can, as a business, address their customer's ever-changing needs. This is also done across a wide portfolio ranging from mobility, home and leisure.

They understand their clients

Just in 2016, they overhauled their business strategy as they identified the ever-growing list of needs their customers have including debt consolidation loans. As they want to ensure they can offer as much convenience as possible, they’ve updated their strategy in the hopes of achieving the following:

  • Increase the membership within the Victorian population.
  • Increase their products and services for their members
  • Improve the relationships with their customers to be able to offer a more meaningful service.

The only way they would be able to achieve this is by increasing their service offering to products and services which are not non-car related. They need to focus on self-sustaining community initiatives on a large scale.

Their membership program

By purchasing or signing up for any of their services, you’ll gain access to a variety of benefits and discounts. Their current list of RACV renewable products includes and is not limited to:

  • Anything insurance related
  • Roadside assistance
  • Home security
  • Car and personal loans
  • Emergency assistance at home
  • Personal membership

Let them help you manage your money better

At RACV they want their clients to be financially stable and secure so they can enjoy the finer things in life. They’re well aware that for some people, this isn’t possible and managing money and living within your means can prove to be difficult.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have too many credit cards, personal loans and store cards and want to take back control, contact their team today.

You can become debt free

With their debt consolidation loan, you’ll be able to bring all your debts together under one loan and have one instalment going off your account. This means you’ll never have to worry about missing a payment again.

Benefits of joining RACV

  • There aren’t any ongoing fees resulting in less money being deducted at the end of every month.
  • The online loan application process has been streamlined and it's easy to apply
  • Their approval process for loans is concluded within 5 working hours
  • Years of membership benefits apply
  • The potential to save on your car insurance

Loan requirements

  • Your driver’s license number
  • Permanent employment details
  • A list of assets you may own
  • What are your current liabilities
  • What is your income

Once they’ve verified your information and gone through your application form, you’ll receive your pre-approval letter which you’ll have to sign and send back to them.

RACV Finance – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation loans
  • Repayment 7 years

Benefits of RACV Finance

  • Flexible loan terms
  • Affordable monthly repayment
  • Become debt-free
  • Fast loan approvals

RACV - Convenient services to choose from

Convenience is everything to them and that's why they’ve spent time enhancing their mobile application which can be downloaded through either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. They want their customers to have access to their member's portable at the tap of a button.

Here you can check the most recent store discounts on offer as well as the best fuel deals. They’ve also incorporated money and time-saving tools to assist customers manage their finances.

Their business portfolio

They’re not only there for people in their private capacity, but they also have many business clients. From car and building insurance to ICT and Professional Indemnity, they do it all. They know you’ve got your own operating hours you need to adhere to and that's why they do it all.

Contact one of their business consultants today to discuss your business requirements. With their knowledge and training on their service offerings, they’ll assist you in choosing the right cover.

Emergency home and business assist

With their emergency home and business assistance portfolio, they identified a large gap within the market. Life happens and disasters do strike and that's why they want their clients to be protected. Whether you’re in the construction industry, property management or business management, they will be able to assist you.

Within the portfolio, they’ve partnered with many service providers who can assist in emergency situations. Whether it's settlement cracks after construction concludes, a burst pipe, faulty power supplies or you’re even locked out of your property, they can assist you 24 hours a day. 

Roadside assistance

Within their business roadside assistance portfolio, you never have to worry about there being operational delays again. Depending on the type of work you do, they have three packages available:

  • Business Roadside Care
  • Business Extra Care
  • Business Light Commercial Care

Within each package, you can expect assistance with service calls, metro and country towing, a rental vehicle, free petrol or diesel, accommodation assistance, a taxi and a locksmith to name a few. Their team are on standby to assist you with your roadside assistance.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

January 2019

My husband and I were looking to consolidate our debts after coming into some financial hardship. A friend suggested RACV so we decided to give them a try. They actually listened to us and looked...

Holly R
— Sydney —

January 2019

Applying for my debt consolidation loan was so painless and quite honestly easy compared to previous experiences.

Anatjari M
— Perth —

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