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NRMA - Your trusted vehicle finance partner

They were born in February 1920 as the NSW branch of the National Roads Association (NRA). In 1923 they became the National Road and Motorist Association (NRMA).

They looked for ways to improve road conditions for motorist from the beginning. The NRMA Patrol service began in 1924. Then in the 1950s signalled an increase in the number of cars on the roads and they hit the one million mark with members in the 1970’s, the number doubled in the late 1980s.

They stand up for motorists

Apart from looking after members on the road, they were also recognised for standing up for motorists and ensuring they get easy access to motor finance and related services.  They worked closely with the NSW Government in 1982 to improve road safety, random breath testing was introduced at this time. They fought hard to have the fuel excise capped in 2001 enabling motorists to save about 10c per litre a day.

They have a large range of products and services

They are the prime leader in the making of, school zone safety, equitable licencing, demerit system more reasonable and road funding is at record level plus they scrutinise every petrol price increase carefully.

They demutualised in July 2000. As the independent institute, NRMA Insurance and NRMA Motoring & Services, they share their brand and are proud to say that they continue to work closely together.

Their services include many benefits

The NRMA provides a range of services for their members as well as the community, they are proudly the largest Australian Member organisation and strive to offer service excellence in all that they do.

Their offers include International Drives Licences, car review, roadside assistance as well as a diverse range of motoring, travel and lifestyle benefits, they also provide car loan products and services.

NRMA Car Loans – Car loan

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Benefits of NRMA Car Loans

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NRMA - They will keep you moving forward

They are driven by their desire to keep individuals moving. Roadside assistance is the heart of NRMA and they have been assisting individuals for over 90 years. With all the changes in the world they are rethinking the way individuals move – this is your journey, your car, and your destination.

They are a community organisation and NRMA exists because of their Members, with that being said they also operate a large range of substantial businesses that have need of professional control and management - alongside the professional people who fill the jobs.

NRMA car loan 

Their vehicle loans are a convenient way to finance a new car or perhaps there is another vehicle you would like to purchase. Their car loans have a quick approval process and you are not required to pay ongoing fees.

Why not, enjoy no on-going fees and have the ability to make additional repayments with an NRMA car loan.

Main points to consider with the NRMA car loan

Their car loans come with a fixed interest rate of 5.99% annually. This sort of personal loan is suitable for a variety of vehicle types, which include new and used cars, caravan, motorcycles, and motorhome.  If you have decided on a vehicle you could get a pre-approval. Should you be an NRMA Member you can also enjoy an interest rate discount.

Features of the NRMA Car Loan

This loan has many competitive features and benefits outlined below.

  • Interest rate - You can easily budget with a fixed interest rate on your repayments you also have regular monthly payments. Their fixed interest rate for this loan is 5.99% per annum.
  • The discounted interest rate – Take advantage with an NRMA’s exclusive membership and get a discounted interest rate offer which means you can lower your repayments. The NRMA benefits save members 1% annually on the loan rate. This offer is obtainable for new or used vehicles over two years old and is not applicable to vehicles eligible for the promotional rate of 5.99% per annum.
  • Loan terms – You have a choice of choosing a long or short-term loan between one and seven years, this will assist you in keeping your repayments manageable.
  • Repayment flexibility – With NRMA’s flexible repayment term option for your car loan, you could choose one of the following, you could make a repayment on a monthly basis or on a fortnightly basis plus you can make extra payments at any time.
  • Loan amounts - You can choose to borrow between $5,000 and $100,000

NRMA Car Loan offers a five-hour-pre-approval service and it has a fast turnaround time, their pre-approval takes around five working hours.  The pre-approval makes it easier for you to negotiate a price with a car dealer enabling you to get the best deal possible because you have standby funds. As soon as all the paperwork is completed by NRMA, your cash will be made available to you with by the next working day.

How to apply for the NRMA car loan?

Apply for a loan simply by going to the site and follow the steps. Make sure that you have the following information on hand in order to complete the online loan application process.

It is necessary to have your driver's license, details of your income, details of the full value of your assets, meaning your savings, your car and property, etc. financial details should be current renting property as well as amounts that are owed by yourself such as store credit cards, credit cards or any loans.

It is not compulsory to submit documentation for conditional approvals. Should your car be provisionally approved, it will be necessary to confirm the details that are mentioned in your loan application, by means of your address, identity document, and income. Should they require additional information from you they will contact you before approval in certain circumstances? Please take note that financial statements will be required for self-employed applicants.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

They have helped us get the vehicle finance that we needed for our company we could not be more grateful.

John B
— Sydney —

The service that you get from this company is the best and I cannot describe how fast they work to get you what you need.

Storm G
— Perth —

Professional the service is well above the standard we got our companies cars and they even helped us with our other loans.

Katherine B
— Adelaide —

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