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Payday Money

  • Payday loans up to $4,600
  • Low-interest starting from 48%
  • Repayment up to 12 months

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Payday Money - Helping you in financial crisis

If we all know how life was going to turn out, we would probably prepare ourselves for the worst day.

However, since, life doesn’t come with any manual when tragedy strikes, the best thing to do is to respond by ensuring that you have a solution. Being in a financial crisis is no different.

Payday Money is a credit provider of choice

With so many payday loan providers Australia has to offer, clients have taken the liberty of entrusting Payday Money with their problems. In turn, we have returned the favour by entrusting our customers with our money. This relationship has worked wonders for us over the years because we have never had any issues. Clearly, there must be something we are doing right!

Payday Money is a responsible lender

The money that we borrow to our clients is money that we have calculated and realized that they can afford it. It is never bigger or smaller than the actual amount that they can pay for. We wouldn’t be a fair credit provider if we only cared about filling our pockets and not about the client’s financial statements. As such, we ensure that we give our customers a personal loan amount that is enough for them to pay back.

Can I pay back my payday loan earlier?

Clients are more than welcome to pay their personal or bad credit loan earlier than the required date. There are no penalties fees that they will inquire by doing this.

The finance provider of choice

Payday Money is a financial services provider that can help clients by giving them an advance in less than 24 hours.

It usually one of the hardest things to find a company that is willing to help you at the last minute, let alone give you a pay-out so quickly. Payday Money is exactly what we aim to be to our clients – a short-term loan provider of choice.

Payday Money loan application

The first step a client is required to do is to apply for an emergency loan. The application is strictly online which means it can’t be completed if a customer doesn’t use a computer, a smart device or a tablet to complete it. Furthermore, the online application takes roughly 10 minutes to complete so you will be done in no time and the rest will be our work to do.

Adhering to the terms and conditions

It is very important that the client reads the loan agreements prior to signing the contract. Should there be any condition you don’t agree to, you can always seek clarity before signing on the dotted line.

The money will be deposited into your bank account

After we have seen every documentation we have asked for and we are pleased with everything, we will deposit the money into your nominated bank account. However, the money can only be transferred to the client’s bank account after he has signed the payday loan agreement. Nothing is solid unless we see the customer’s name on the dotted line.

Payday Money – Payday loan

  • Loan Type Payday loans
  • Interest Rate from 48%
  • Loan Amount up to $4,600
  • Repayment 16 days to 12 months

Benefits of Payday Money

  • FAST loans
  • ONLINE loans
  • SHORT-TERM loans
  • PAYDAY loans
  • CASH loans

Payday loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this quick loans calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Payday Money - We have the best deals on loans

The good thing is that you can do literally anything with your payday loan and nobody will fault you.

After you have signed for the contract and you have received the funds in your bank account, the money is no longer our responsibility but yours as the customer. Therefore, you can do anything that pleases you and we wouldn’t have a problem. All we require from you is that you obey your financial obligations if you want to a good credit record with us and be liable for a payday cash loan the next time you need help again.

When is the payday loan paid out?

The payday loan can be paid out in 30 days.

What can you do with your payday loan?

  • You can pay for your wedding dress
  • You can fix that engine of your car that has been giving such trouble for the past weeks
  • You can go and settle your medical bill
  • You might want to surprise your landlord and pay your rent slightly earlier this month
  • You might be interested to go on a mini vacation and opt for paying for it instead so you can have some downtime and relax

How will the loan be paid out?

We will set a direct debit system that will directly debit the fast cash loan repayment amount on your bank account on the agreed upon payment date.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Great service I recommend them to anyone.

Grant S
— Perth —

I heard about the company from a friend of mine when I needed a loan they have helped me and approved me for my loan and I couldn’t be happier.

Samantha G
— Sydney —

Super easy application and to be approved and your loan in your account so soon is a great feeling.

Daven G
— Brisbane —

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