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  • Business loans up to $750,000
  • Low-interest starting from 3.34%
  • Repayment up to 15 years

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Smart Search Finance - Business loan solutions

Smart search finance is an Australian mortgage financial comparison website that helps you to find the right financial solutions to suit your needs from hundreds of online lenders. Their business loans offer solutions for business property, business development and other business financings.

They use their access to over 3,000 financial products to find the one to best suit your requirements, they take the stress out of finding the solution that you need by finding it for you and making sure that you get the best deal. Compare different financial solutions for commercial loans, property loans, business loans, car loans and equipment leasing.

Helpful calculators

To help them find the best solution for you they will need to know a bit about your business and what you will use the loan for.  Their helpful calculators can be used to work out how much you would need to pay back on your loan and for how long.

Business loans

There are many different reasons why you would need to apply for a business loan.  If your business is going through a tough time and you need a quick cash injection to fund a new marketing campaign to drive sales up again. Or if you are thinking of growing and expanding your business and you need some extra capital to do so.

It is important to understand your business and analyse your profit margins to ensure that a loan is the best option for you. You should have a comprehensive business plan that outlines how you plan to use the loan to help your business grow and make more profits.

They compare a range of financial services

Smart search finance allows you to compare a range of different financial service providers as well as business finance products very easily. By comparing financial products, you will be able to choose the provider that best suits your business's requirements. 

You will need to ask the lender for a specific loan amount, this loan amount should be determined by careful calculations. You need to know how much your business needs to borrow and how long you need to pay back the loan.

What is the purpose of the loan?

You will show what you will be using the loan amount for, and how you are going to use the loan to benefit your business. Your business plan should address these plans.

Secured business loans

By offering collateral or security against the long or short-term loan amount you are seen as a lower risk to the lender.

The risk to the lender is much lower as if you do not pay the loan the lender can claim your collateral as payment. This makes a secured business loan a lot riskier for you as you can lose the collateral if you default on your loan payments. There are many examples of collateral that can be listed these include buildings, expensive equipment, items of value and investment portfolios.

Clients can use their personal assets to secure their business loans, but the risk is much higher. The collateral will need to be of the same value or of greater value than the business loan.

Smart Search Finance – Business loan

  • Loan Type Business loans
  • Interest Rate 3.345.5% p/a
  • Loan Amount up to $750,000
  • Repayment 1 year to 15 years

Benefits of Smart Search Finance

  • Compare terms and interest rates
  • A transparent business loan process
  • Smart business finance

Business loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This business loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Smart Search Finance - Let them find the ideal loan for your company

Your credit history will be a factor when the lender is deciding if they should approve your loan application or not.

If you have a bad credit history or a poor credit score your bad credit loan application will have less chance of being approved. Check your credit score before applying for a loan and rectify any mistakes that you find. If you have a bad credit record be prepared to answer questions about your transgression.

Obtaining a financial solution

To get a business loan you will need to come prepared with a business plan as well as a plan for how you are going to make the loan work to make your business earn more money.  You can ask an established person to co-sign on the business loan, by co-signing they agree to be responsible for repaying the outstanding loan amount should you not be able to.

If your business loan application is declined then you could approach a family member or a friend to loan you the money that you need.  If they do agree you should keep the agreement professional and draw up a contract with loan terms and you must ensure that you stick to the payment terms.

The best way to get your loan application approved

Apply to many lenders at the same time. Use services that allow you to apply to a number of different lenders at the same time such as Smart Search Finance as they will apply to a number of different lenders on your behalf to find the business or personal loan that will be the most suitable.

This will not affect your credit score and you have more chance of your loan application being approved. Make sure you can answer questions about your business and how you are going to use the loan to benefit your business.

Make sure that clients pay you

Make sure that your clients pay you so that you can pay your debt. By establishing a strong relationship with your clients you can negotiate better deals with these savings and it can be used to help pay back your business loan.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

I can't think that many people ever want to take out a loan for their business, however if it is needed it is fortunate that an organisation such as SSF exists. They have been a tremendous help i...

Jake P
— Adelaide —

Smart Search Finance has been a big help in keeping my business at its peak. I needed to apply for a loan earlier a few months back to make some renovations around my salon and since then busines...

Rachel P
— Melbourne —

Fantastic online platform that gave me all the information I required on business loans with SSF. From the online site I was even able to fill out my application form for the loan and use their o...

James C
— Newcastle —

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